lauantai 19. marraskuuta 2011

What's gone, what's to come

Starting today, I'll be publishing the interviews from the first issue of The Serpent Bearer, originally published in early 2008. I want to acknowledge the Hellbound Qvadrivivm zine from whom I basically nicked this whole idea.

My intention is to publish a new/old interview every now and then, and maybe also give you interviews that I've done for other media than The Serpent Bearer. I'll also top off each interview with a comment on the bands' recent tidings, just to make it a little more interesting for both myself and the reader.

While we're waiting The Serpent Bearer II to materialise, I hope you enjoy these slightly old but - for the most part - still topical interviews.

2 kommenttia:

Qvadrivivm kirjoitti...

Nice to see you wasting your time in the blog world, Antti! Hope the electronification process won't distract the work for #2 in any shape or form. It's the smell of ink that counts, eh.

The Serpent Bearer kirjoitti...

Thanks for your concern, Q! Instead of holding my breath for some bands to finally get back to me (22 months and counting, for example), I decided I might as well do something creative. Despite doing some of this suspicious blog stuff, I managed to send out another two interviews over the weekend, so it'd seem the blog won't be a distraction.