perjantai 11. marraskuuta 2011

Eleven to kill the Ten

Everyone knows what date it is today. And for The Serpent Bearer it's not just any date or number. Rather, it's the number the second issue was originally intended to build upon. At some point 11 interviews turned into two times 11, then three times 11. It was supposed to be published on 11/11/11. Let's pretend the release was postponed because Black Sabbath barged in and cried "reunion", so The Serpent Bearer wouldn't have made frontpage in metal news today. So you'll just have to wait for a little longer.

Today, at the eleventh hour, I sent out my 33rd interview for The Serpent Bearer #2. The first one was sent about two years ago, and while all the interviews were mutually agreed on before sending the questions, it'd seem that I will never see answers to a handful of them. Without spending too much time whining about it, I think it's a fuckin' shame.

So the work doesn't end here. I will not rest until the II have become I. And I just managed to reference both Dissection and Spice Girls in one single blog entry.

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